Important regulatory information about our business

Silverstone Vehicle Management Limited

Silverstone Vehicle Management Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – FRN 650940

Silverstone Vehicle Management is not an IFA & does not offer qualified tax advice. Any general information found at or otherwise is no substitute for your qualified tax or legal advice. Lenders may pay us for introducing you to them.

Registered in England & Wales with company number: 04829541

Registered Office:
Unit 2
Nexus Capitol Park
Capitol Court
S75 3UD

VAT Registration number: 829005145

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Supply of Goods
The primary activity of our business (“we”, “our”) is the supply of goods (“the vehicle”) to you (“clients”, “customer”, “your”, “my”) detailed within this vehicle order. The vehicle described within this order will reflect your bespoke instructions, personalised to your requirements & will be sourced only upon your request, duly taken within this order. The vehicle supplied, including any additional extras specified within the “Extras Included” section is done with best intentions aligned (but not limited to) the delivery estimation provided within your order but may be subject to circumstances beyond our control, namely (but not limited to) previously unannounced manufacturing pricing alignments, human error, model year changes &/or model deletions for which when practically possible our business may offer a credible alternative. We will not be held responsible for any losses you may incur, financial or otherwise as a result of circumstances beyond our control &/or failure to supply (for whatever reason). At no cost, mainland UK deliveries are driven to destination & clients should expect delivery mileage (your contracted total mileage will commence from the mileage shown within your delivery note). By your special request, transported deliveries may be available at an additional cost to you; please enquire.

Your Rights to Cancel the Supply of Bespoke & Individualised Goods
The primary activity of our business is the supply of goods (motor vehicles). This order & your agreement with our firm is limited to our primary activity, the supply of goods, in all instances bespoke & individualised goods specifically requested by you.

We do not charge its clients a booking fee nor levy administrative costs associated with this service but these are not goods that can be easily re-sold to another without significant financial loss to our business.

After the date at which we accept your bespoke & individualised vehicle order you have the right to cancel (until the point of delivery) but not without charge. In the unlikely event & for whatever reason you wish to cancel your order prior to receiving the bespoke & individualised goods a cancellation fee will be payable by you @ £1200 Including VAT (at our discretion, a higher cancellation fee may apply when bespoke goods ordered are deemed high-risk &/or high value, any such amount will be clearly detailed to you within our order & by prior recordable transmission).

Credit Brokering
The secondary activity of our business is credit brokering. Lenders may pay us for introducing you to them.

We offer clients (both regulated & unregulated) a brokered credit facility from a lender or other credit broker enabling you (we provide a credit introduction) to place a bespoke order with pricing displayed within this confirmation. We do not charge its clients a booking fee nor levy administrative costs associated with this service.

Lenders may also reserve the right to withdraw a credit facility & without stating a reason.

Lenders have their terms of business, often known as their “Key Facts” & formal credit agreement. You should allow adequate time to thoroughly read the terms of business from a lender before you enter into a credit agreement with them, before delivery of your new vehicle.

Your Rights to cancel the service of credit brokering before the delivery of your new vehicle
We are not a lender, the service of credit brokering is our secondary activity. We do not charge our clients a fee or otherwise for this service & it can be cancelled in writing at any time (& for whatever reason) *prior* to the supply of your goods without charge. Please note, the cancellation of our credit brokering service will not automatically cancel the supply of the bespoke goods ordered, you must independently activate your rights to cancel the supply of bespoke & Individualised goods. The service of credit brokering ends at the time you take delivery of your new vehicle & you enter into a credit agreement with a lender.

Your Rights to cancel a credit agreement with a lender after taking delivery of your new vehicle
Before you enter into a credit agreement with a lender, you will receive their “terms of business”. It will be your responsibility to ensure you allow adequate time to thoroughly read & consider the “terms of business” from a lender. Early financial termination charges will apply if you cancel a credit agreement with a lender earlier than the agreed period of hire, for whatever reason.

For regulated credit agreements, your statutory rights & obligations for “Consumer Rights Act 2015” with a lender are not affected.

Why have I been asked to pay a deposit or bond?
Entirely at our discretion, we (at arm’s length) may request (prior to accepting your vehicle order) on behalf of its suppliers a fair & reasonable financial deposit or in some instances a bond to secure against your unforeseen cancellation for the supply of bespoke & individualised goods. The amount may vary dependent upon (but not limited to) the nature of the vehicle, list value, personalised configuration &/or specification. Any deposit or bond held with our suppliers will be held via client account & deducted from your final balance payable before delivery.

When is our order accepted (‘acceptance’) by Silverstone Vehicle Management Limited?
Upon receipt of your signed vehicle order confirmation (by email attachment, fax or to our postal address) your request to proceed will be acknowledged. Acceptance of your order (the date your order is complete) is sent made in writing to you & at the earliest opportunity.