Frequently Asked Questions

Is road tax included?
Road tax is included on all funding options for a minimum of twelve months and in most cases for the duration of the contract.

Is servicing of the vehicle included?
If you have opted for a contract with maintenance this includes all servicing, tyres and mechanical repairs

How will I pay my initial rental and monthly payments?
Your initial rental will be paid by direct debit and your monthly payments will be paid by direct debit.

Do I need to use a main dealer for servicing?
Yes, an authorised dealer of the manufacturer must carry out all servicing and repairs.

How can we offer such good special deals?
We are constantly liaising with the major manufacturers to bulk purchase vehicles and obtain larger discounts which in turn are passed on to our customers.

Can I put my personal number plate on the vehicle?
Yes. We can arrange the necessary paper work for number transfers from existing vehicles to your chosen vehicle.

Can I terminate the contract early?
Yes you can terminate the contract early but you would incur early termination penalties, which vary depending on the period of hire etc.

What happens if I exceed the fixed contract mileage?
Should you exceed the fixed contract mileage you would incur an excess mileage charge based on a pence per mile, which is agreed at the start of the contract.

Who insures the vehicle?
As the keeper and driver of the vehicle it is your responsibility to insure the vehicle on a fully comprehensive basis.

Can the vehicle be supplied by my local dealer?
Yes, your local dealer can supply the vehicle, however, we have long standing relationships with major dealers who fully comply with our strict service levels.