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At Silverstone Vehicle Management, we understand that finding the right car and leasing package is essential especially in an ever changing world of legislation and compliance. So when you speak to our staff, you’ll find they’re always prepared to take the time to understand your precise requirements, which means that when they recommend any leasing product, you can be confident it’s the right one for you.

We’re constantly looking to find better, smarter ways of doing business, and everything we do is driven by the needs of our clients. This means we offer a wide range of competitive personal leasing and business leasing finance facilities, plus a level of customer service that’s unique within the industry. By building long-term relationships with our clients our customers come back to us again and again. Why? Because of our expertise, our core values of discretion, trust and integrity, and of course our ability to deliver what the customer wants every time, on time.

Featured Vehicles
Business Contract Hire
Business Contract Hire is a great way to lease a prestige car because the business will be hiring rather than ever owning the vehicle.

A formal process, typically over an extended period ranging from two to a maximum of five years, Business Contract Hire involves a credit agreement between an actively trading business & a financial lender.

The business will never be liable for future re-sale values & all risk associated with vehicle ‘disposal’ at the end of the lease becomes the sole responsibility of a lender.

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Personal Contract Hire
Personal Contract Hire, or ‘PCH’ for short, is the lower cost, zero risk way to privately lease a new car.

As higher value prestige cars are more likely to possess those notoriously unpredictable future residual values, Personal Contract Hire is exceptionally suited to individuals who want to drive a superior model from a prestigious manufacturer, culminating in a perfect ‘Prestige Car Leasing’ solution.

It’s true, premium brand cars depreciate & more recently sometimes at eye-watering rates, but the idea we could make a desirable prestige car more affordable to a personal customer, without them ever having to take on ownership or pay a sizable lump sum as an upfront payment, really took off when Personal Contract Hire first launched in 2001.

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