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[August 2016] Mercedes Benz AMG Line Auto Saloon - MY17 now available

Engine size 2.1-litre diesel, plus electric motor
Power 229bhp (combined)
Torque 369lb ft
0-62mph 7.6 seconds
Top speed 149mph
Fuel economy 61.4mpg
CO2 120g/km

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[February 2016] We are FSA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated for your piece of mind

At Silverstone Vehicle Management Limited we are committed to giving you excellent customer service and treating you fairly. We are fully committed to providing the highest standards of client service and advice and we never forget that you have a choice of supplier and are grateful that you've chosen us.

10 Reasons why you are in safe hands with Silverstone Vehicle Management Limited

1. Conduct their business lawfully and comply with all relevant legislation, trading fairly and responsibly

2 Provide clear quotations, pricing & payment profiles to customers.

3 Ensure that vehicles sourced and offered to customers meet the manufacturers current specifications and standards

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[May 2015] Why Lease a Car?

Car leasing is an alternative solution to buying or owning a car. Leasing gives you the benefit of keeping your car new, current and up to date and in most cases includes servicing and maintenance.

Advantages of car leasing?
•You never have to worry about the residual value of the vehicle.
•Lower fixed monthly payments allow you to budget your outgoings.
•The ability to drive better more modern cars at more frequent terms.

You are able to add optional extras to a vehicle. These optional extras may not make a difference to the residual value. If they don’t increase the residual value you will end up paying for these optional extras over the term of the contract.

Car Contact Hire Leasing is becoming an increasingly popular method of running a car. like a long-term car rental agreement, you pay a monthly fee to use a car for a certain pre agreed period and mileage. At the end you simply hand back the car to the leasing company.

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[March 2015] The BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series range has a huge range of engines to choose from, a selection of gearboxes and various trim levels, one of the most impressive models is the 320d Efficient Dynamics. It’s quick and has seriously impressive running costs; if you’re a company car driver, you’ll love the low company car tax bills it commands.

While the Mercedes-Benz C-class or, less often, the Audi A4 may give the equivalent 3-series an unexpectedly good run for its money, the 3-series as a range of car has always maintained its position at the top of the pile.

[February 2015] Defective tyres leading to millions of MOT failures

2.2 million cars failed their MOT last year due to unsafe tyres

New figures obtained under a Freedom of Information request have revealed that millions of drivers are placing themselves and other road users in unnecessary danger by driving on unsafe or illegal tyres.

According to data supplied by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, more than 2.2 million cars failed their annual MOT test in 2013 because of the state of their tyres.

“It beggars belief that so many motorists can fail their MOT because of unsafe or illegal tyres,” comments Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe. “Your safety on the road is totally dependent upon the condition of your tyres so it’s vital that you check these regularly throughout the year, let alone just before you take your MOT. Furthermore, they are also one of the easiest items on your car to check, so there really is no excuse for this amount of tyre related failures.”

Reinforcing the scale of the problem of dangerous and illegal tyres, recent figures released by the Department for Transport showed that more than 968 road casualties were caused in the UK in 2013 because of an accident involving illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres.However, to help drivers understand the importance of making regular tyre safety checks and identifying what to look for, thousands of garages and tyre dealers across the country are offering free tyre safety checks as part of October’s Tyre Safety Month.To help drivers improve their safety on the road, it is recommended that drivers carry out three key safety checks at least once a month:

Tyre pressures should be checked to ensure they are in line with the vehicle manufacturers recommended settings.
Tyre tread depths should also be examined to ensure they are well above the legal minimum of 1.6mm.
The tyre should be given a thorough visual inspection to ensure it is free from cuts, lumps or bulges and there are no items embedded in the tread.

“We are entering the most treacherous period of the year when the roads can become very wet and slippery so it’s essential that your tyres are in the best possible condition. “Driving on dangerous or illegal tyres can leave you vulnerable to a number of hazards such as longer stopping distances, loss of grip or an increased risk of aquaplaning but these can all be minimised with appropriate safety checks.


Looking for a leasing deal? Keep these factors in mind

Searching for the best leasing deal is time consuming and infuriating.

But the search can make all the difference to your company’s spend, profit and operating efficiency. How do you find the best offer available then? Here are some tips:

Make the most of it
You may have a model in mind, maybe the Vauxhall Vivaro, maybe the Ford Transit, but one of your first priorities should be making a decision on vehicle dimensions and gross vehicle weight. It goes without say that if you’re regularly transporting large goods up and down the country you’ll need to check the loads space, but on top of that you also need to factor in the maximum legal weight that your vehicle can reach when it’s fully loaded with fuel, equipment, freight and passengers.

Factoring all of these variables in, you’re probably going to have to compromise on some aspect. Hiring a van with a huge payload is beneficial if your company is often transporting things like furniture or kitchen appliances but this load space will become even more important if you’re moving lightweight but unweildy objects. You’re also going to need to take a van’s dimensions into consideration if your driver is going to have to take minor roads, bridges or tunnels on their route as the roads could have height and weight restrictions.

Although a dirty word often associated with boy racers in Subaru’s, vehicle modification could prove invaluable to your van fleet. Things like tippers, tailgate lifts and dropsides could make your delivery drivers life a whole lot easier when transporting heavy materials as they’ll make loading and unloading a whole lot faster. On top of this you may want to think about road compliance and best industry practices – will you need tow bars? Beacons? Maybe your van will need lighting and safety markings to enter worksites. You know your business better than me but these little changes can make the biggest difference.

You may think that if you’re leasing rather than buying then customisation will be a no-no, but the truth is that many van leasing companies are more than happy to provide your vehicle fleet complete with company livery. Having a van decked out in the company logo and colours and out there on the road is the best form of advertising.

Don’t forget the paperwork
You’ll want to look for a van rental package that provides you with the works – by that I mean 24/7 support, nationwide breakdown recovery, maintenance schedule and ensuring your vehicles are road compliant.

At the end of the day it is entirely up to you to decide what suits your business best in regards to the plethora of rental terms and deals out there in the van hire market – they each cater to different needs. Some van hire leasers can even stretch to offering the best of both worlds with the flexibility of rental and the control of contract along with guaranteed prices throughout the length of contract.

Perfecting your business van rental strategy can be an enormous headache but a rewarding one. So whether it’s HGV’s, minibuses or vans you’re looking to lease, I hope this article has given you food for thought.

VW continue to be Europes most popular brand

Sales up by 8.1% on last July

The European new car sales market is showing no sign of slowing down with July’s sales up 5.4% on the same period last year according to the latest analysis from JATO Dynamics. The majority of Europe’s biggest markets saw positive growth for the month and the five largest markets have all grown year-to-date.

Europe’s largest markets continue to grow, with four out of the ‘Big 5’ recording significant year-on-year growth. Spain saw the best performance, where government incentives led to double-digit growth of 11.3% for the month while Great Britain (+6.6%) also performed well during July. Out of the countries studied, 22 of the 29 registered growth compared to July last year.

Volkswagen remains the top European brand by sales, with growth of 8.1% compared to July of last year. Volkswagen’s market share increased on the back of an impressive performance from their flagship Golf model. The new Golf Sportsvan also performed well and the Tiguan remains popular, both helping to boost sales.The top 10 brands have all grown their sales year-to-date and all but one saw a sales increase in July. Skoda, helped by strong sales of the Octavia (+34.9%), claimed ninth place with an impressive 27.8% increase in July; this brings Skoda’s year-to-date sales growth to 19.4%.

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Iveco Daily review, raising the heavy van and cab ante

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Iveco Daily isn’t like any other heavy panel van or chassis-cab on the roads. Look underneath and you’ll find a massive ladder-frame chassis, unlike all the rivals which are of monocoque construction.

The Daily at 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight is basically a 7-0 tonne van and truck which has been scaled down in size and thus is much more macho and chunky than the rest.

The Daily has been around since 1978 now and when the third generation arrives here in the UK in September, buyers will be pleased to discover that the solid chunkiness of the old model remains but the new boy is much smoother, quieter and more car-like to drive.

And by the way, fuel consumption reduces by between 5 and 14% while prices remain the same as with the old models. Result!