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Contract Purchase

Key Features

Future ownership of the vehicle (optional)

Option to return the vehicle if you choose to

Benefit from LeasePlan's buying power in the form of low
monthly rentals

Fixed cost maintenance is available

About Contract Purchase

Contract Purchase is our product which is aimed at business customers who wish to make fixed monthly payments towards eventual ownership of a vehicle, whilst retaining the option to return the vehicle at the end of their contract.

As an alternative to Contract Hire (pure leasing agreement), this product is ideal for companies who would like a high value vehicle and the option to purchase it at the end of the contract but do not want the associated depreciation risks.

With Contract Purchase a final payment in set in line with the expected value of the vehicle based on contract duration and your mileage requirements. Setting this final payment enables lower monthly payments throughout the contract.

At the end of the contract this then gives you two options to discuss with your Network franchisee:

Hand the vehicle back to Network should the value of the vehicle be less than the set final payment. If electing for this option you should be aware that the vehicle will be subject to an inspection for damage and a mileage check versus your contracted mileage.

Alternatively you may choose to pay the option to purchase fee and the final rental. Network will then transfer ownership of the vehicle to you, allowing you to keep the vehicle or sell it for use as a deposit for your next vehicle.

Additional Features

The vehicle appears off 'Balance Sheet' as it is owned by the leasing company

As the world's largest fleet management company, we offer our customers the widest possible selection of vehicles, including every make of car on sale in the UK and commercial vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes)

Road Fund Licence is provided for the full term of the contract.

Our most popular business leasing product, fixed monthly costs with no risk in vehicle depreciation.

For businesses wishing to purchase their vehicles without the outlay of cash associated with outright purchase.

Our most popular product for private individuals, this is for those looking to lease a vehicle
For businesses who want to make payments towards vehicle ownership, whilst retaining the option to return it.

A leasing product for business customers who wish to manage their own vehicle depreciation

A conditional purchase product for private individuals; buy the vehicle or decide to hand it back-it's your choice!